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Booking a
Game Show

We all love to play games.  Our games show hosts can keep an auditorium or just your family entertained.  We like to keep our games shows fast paced and with lots of different activities which allows it stay competitive for all even with a varied age range.  As a corporate team building event we can integrate some of your business specific questions into the trivia alternatively for your school or church group we can pose ethical challenges to help us grow as better people.  


We run most of our games from a computer and a projector although we are also able to run games with nothin more than microphone.  We recommend not offering a prize to the winning team as this adds a level of competitiveness we find can break the team building. 

Contact us now to have one of our spectacular and charming hosts come to you.  

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 “Play is the highest form of research"
– A. Einstein

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