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Bubble Workshop

Our Bubble Pop! People workshop focuses on facilitating the play and creative skills unique to bubble artistry and bubble physics, on an impossibly grand scale, and gives the participants extensive skills to take into their future bubbly explorations.

Our workshop facilitator sloshes in with an enormous volume of bubble juice (a whopping litre per child for bubble craft, big bubbling and rope work), skills and tools to make every child a bubble artist! 

Children build their own wobbly blown bubble creations, chase giant bubbles, make their own rope bubbles of various sizes, big and small and learn a variety of hand-bubbling skills, while our facilitator shows off their skills with some interactive show elements.


- (STEM) Learn fascinating bubble-physics

- (STEM) understand the chemistry behind making big and flexible bubbles

- learn to make big rope bubbles

- master hand-bubbling basics

- try bubble sculpture techniques

- improve hand-eye coordination

- engage with physical activity and unusual sensory input

BubblePOP! People
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