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Ghost Show

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A transporting experience to the world of friendly ghosts and spooky psychic fun. 


Your Ghost Host is here to teach you how to catch a ghost and see beyond the veil of this world. Wooo-oooo! 


Using their ghostly assistants, madcap magical marvels ensue as the kids laugh at impossible ghostly antics, puppeteering and gasp as the ghosts know things impossible for a (live!) human. An experiential show, the kids will assist our presenter onstage and join in the fun of communicating with the beyond in a whimsical whirlwind experience.

Let's host some ghosts!

themed magic-show​

- scalable to any number of students

- interactive and immersive show

- suitable for all ages (the Casper-esque ghosts are pure joy and jokes)

- English, History and Drama outcomes

- audience participation, on-stage and off - host, ghosts and kids all perform impossible magics!

- performed by experienced magician and character actor

- magic and puppetry

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