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Bring CirqueUm Navigate to your school for an unforgettable experience like no other! Click on the hyperlinks below for more information on each of the school incursions we offer.

All of our shows and workshops are:

- interactive and full of audience participation, on-stage and off 

- scalable to any number of students

- tailored to your students age

- safe and fun

- presented by experienced performers/instructors

- integrable with NSW curriculum outcomes

Grand Illusion Magic Shows

Impossible feats! Producing people from nowhere or vanishing them into thin air!

Excitement, tension and exhilaration, stretching the bounds of logical physics and reason!


Themed Magic-Theatre Shows 

- Pixie Patrol - Pixie-steampunk anthropological-society themed show

- Ghost Club – Ghost-hunter psychic themed show

- EyeSpy - Secret agent spy themed show

- Magic or Science - Mad scientist themed show




- CirqueUm Navigate Circus - Circus Workshop 

- BubblePOP! People - Bubble Workshop

- Balloony-Loonies - Balloon Sculpting Workshop


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"It does not do well
to dwell on
dreams and
forget to live."
-Albus Dumbuldore

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