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We offer a plethora of entertainments suitable for Vacation Care audiences. All shows and workshops are presented by trained and experienced performers/magicians, with safe, high-impact fun at the core of each incursion. All shows and workshops run 90mins.

The majority of our shows below are 'magic-theatre', a magic show driven by story and character where the magic tricks play only a supporting theatrical role.


Ghost Katch & Release Kids Klub Show

Pixie Patrol Show

Magnificent Magic Show

Science or Magic? Show and Workshop

EyeSpy Spy Show and Workshop

Pixie Patrol Yule-Tide! Christmas Show

Naughty Elf's Christmas Dilemma Show



CirqueUm Navigate Circus Workshop 

Brick Builders Bonanza! Lego Workshop

BubblePOP! People Bubble Workshop

Puppeteer Pals Puppets Workshop

Balloon-Loonies Balloon Workshop

Magic Sands Sculptors Workshop

Cardboard Constructors Workshop

Sponge-Craft Sculpture Workshop

Meddlesome-Music Workshop

Vac Care

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"Play is the highest
form of research."
- Albert Einstein

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